Counting Down To

This is official web site of Association Save the Animals Now
Site is under constraction and plese bear with as

Because of urgency we now use site for our project Shelter Praca
where is 275 dogs that need HELP
thay are living without roof, no food (only old bread), no one to clean....

We start this project to help them, we dont have founds to rebuild roof, to feed them or to hire workers to clean.... we do all that we can... there is only 8 volonters that going there to clean and to feed them with food that we get but that is not enough...

We got only 90 days to show that we can run shelter and time is runing out
contract start on January 21 2016

Here you will find videos and picture of Shelter Praca

Please donate, adopt, anything which will help the dogs get a second chance...they need a miracle...Be part of the shelter and help the dogs...